Kim looks so pretty

Kim looks so pretty

balzza said: Better cherish that ballon. Hahaha

Always! Haha

balzza said: ahhh jealous. no i haven't but i hope they come close to me when they go on tour. actually i don't care if i have to drive 200+ miles. its totally worth it!

They’re so worth it. I had so much fun seeing them. I got a balloon with Matt’s face on it!

balzza said: Same here! Minus the jumping ahha. Have you scene them live?

Yup! I caught them last September. They were spectacular! Everyone was smiling and dancing and having fun, and I hope they come back soon with the release of their album. Have you?

balzza said: Yay!!! I didn't know it was that close!!! Also have you scene their commercial?! Just saw it today! It's gr8

The first time I saw the commercial, I literally jumped off of my couch, ran around to alert everyone within earshot, and was yelling and jumping. It was a pretty bad scene. Haha